Dream within a Dream within a Dream

by Jesse Stout

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All songs written, performed and produced by Jesse M. Stout

Vocals (all tracks,)
Banjo (tracks 1, 2, 4 and 5)
Toy Piano (track 3)
Kick Drum (tracks 1, 3 and 5)
Washtub Bass (tracks 1, 3 and 5)
Voice Organ (tracks 1 and 5)
Pocket full of change (track 1)
Finger Snaps (track 3)
Conga Drum (track 5)
Hosho (gourd shaker, track 5)


released November 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Jesse Stout Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Weird Creature
Weird creature,
lookin for you..
Real Teacher,
Won't you please speak some truth?
Cuz I'm locked up,
inside of my head...
and I sure hope I meet you before I'm dead

Hey dreamer,
I think you're cool..
Fake teacher,
lookin to "play the rules",
said the grey-haired lady from the time machine
I sure wonder if she escaped the screen

Weird creature,
running from you..
Real teacher, tellin me I'm a fool
I realized that I'm still a naked loon
but real substance, I promise it's coming soon!
(but not quite yet)
Track Name: Wandering Mind
Lone wandering mind
Born for to journey with a place in mind
But that place is always moving and it never reflects time

Lone wandering mind
Checked out early just to feel the shine
Of the countless hidden circles ringing memories that rhyme

Lone wandering mind
Creeping notion you will fail your kind
If you don't decide to climb the mountain you're afraid to climb

Wandering mind, wandering, wandering mind

Lone wandering mind
Born for to to journey to that place in time,
Oh, how long's it gonna take for you to find your way?

Wanting mind, wandering, wandering mind
Wanting mind, wandering, wandering mind
Track Name: Dream within a Dream within a Dream
How did it...
How did it end up this way?
I can't...
I don't think I could tell you today

Coughing in the barn after dark
"Jed, you gotta find your spark"

Come on!
Pull that fucking pen out you fool!!
You've got a deadline
and you ain't even trynna look cool!

tell me
tell me sister, watch trine do?
you're still living in silence

theres a lot of hatred in this world
and theres only one way you know how to stand up to it,
so stand up to it.
Track Name: Future Person
Help ne
Future person
it seems like you want to..

Speak your truth
Magic Woman!!
how I'd love it if your could come through

and help me
Future person
i think you know just what I been talking about

Speak your truth
Maaaaaagic Woman
why u gotta be so afraid to come out?

(introspective mumbling)
Track Name: Gabey Moonshot (sci-fi ballad #23,000)
Ima try
to shoot the moon

And Jesper, dear
Shelter me
So I can breath

The mossy way
back in time
a century

And Gabriel,
Ima try
to untie myself..

And If our world
Crashes Down
Remember we

Were standing here
In this field
Shooting the moon

And If our world
Crashes Down
Remember Love

And If our world
Crashes Down
Remember Love

And If our world
Crashes Down
I'll sing for love

And If our world
Crashes Down
I'll live for love

And If our world
Crashes Down
I'll die for love
I'll die for love...